Saturday, April 26, 2008

How'd That Get Here?

How'd That Get Here, originally uploaded by klmonty.

This is picture of my daughter standing on a HUGE log that washed up at Table Rock Lake. We have been getting a lot of rain this spring and the lake has been 10-20 feet high for over a month. My lake neighbor's red Bronco behind her is being used as an anchor for his dock in the picture. At one point, the water came up so fast, it was at the hood of the Bronco. Not sure if it will run again.

What is not in the picture are all the trees in the water that are normally not in the water. It is really hard to imagine how this log bumped it's way through the trees to get to it's current location. As we walked along the shore we could actually see three distinct water lines where the lake has been. We saw a lot of drift wood along the shore, but nothing nearly as big as this piece of firewoord:-)

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