Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why Does the Hummingbird Hum?

Hummingbird Mosaic, originally uploaded by klmonty.

One of the true signs of spring is the return of the Ruby-throated hummingbirds to my backyard. This photo mosaic is composed of 4 photos from last year. I put my feeder out this past Staurday and saw a hummingbird within an hour. I am planning to add an additional feeder this year because of the large number of hummingbirds I have been able to attract the past two years. I have counted as many as 9 birds alternating between the feeder and the trees in the yard. The males constently chase each away and will only feed alone, briefly. The females will feed two or three at a time, but they are also usually intimidated by a hungry male. At times all you can hear is hummingbird squeaks as they run each other off the feeder.

I have not ventured to the closet to get the tripod yet this year, but I will soon. Snapping shots of hummingbirds in flight is a wonderful treat. You can see more of the hummingbirds from last year in this video on YouTube.

Q.: Why does the hummingbird hum?

A: Because he forgot the words

Q: What is the hummingbird's favorite stone?

A: Ruby

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Rebecca said...

Very cool photos.

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