Monday, May 05, 2008

Top 10 Reasons To View Your Flickr Photos On Your TV

Last month, AT&T added the feature of viewing Flickr photos for AT&T U-verse customers.

"AT&T Online Photos from Flickr ™ is a way for AT&T U-verse TV (sm) members to view photos on their TV that they posted online at All AT&T U-verse TV and High-Speed Internet customers receive a free basic subscription to Flickr. You must sign in with your master AT&T High-Speed Internet account and organize your photos into sets in order for them to be viewed on the TV screen."

I have U-Verse TV and high-speed Internet and on the day of the announcement, I immediately went to Channel 91 to see my photos on my HDTV. I have since viewed some of my photo sets from Flickr and started to think about why I think it is cool to see my photos on a very BIG screen. I came up with the following list. I would love to hear from others their reasons:-)

"Top 10 Reasons To View Your Flickr Photos On Your TV"

Number 10 - The battery on your laptop is dead and you can't find the power cord.
Number 9 - Play a game to guess which of your photos are not included in any of your sets.
Number 8 - Relive you daughter's entire basketball season, pretend she's a sports superstar (she's on TV afterall) and pause the slideshow using your remote control to go get a snack.
Number 7 - Show several people your recent digital photos without passing around the camera, crowding around your PC or findng a projector to connect to your laptop.
Number 6 - Navigate through and select the photo sets to view using your remote control.
Number 5 - High megapixel photos look really amazing on a 52" screen! Cell phone pictures not so much.
Number 4 - Butterfly photos look like something from a North American Butterfly Association publication.

Number 3 - Flower photos look like something from the Southern Living Big Book of Flower Gardening.

Number 2 - Any photo set can instantly be set to music by turning on your home theater receiver.
And the Number 1 Reason to View Your Flickr Photos On Your TV - You have yet another way to access your Flickr account.

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