Thursday, June 05, 2008

Text to Speech with

If you are not yet familiar with, I highly suggest checking it out. I first learned about ReadTheWords from Wesley Fryer. ReadTheWords is a free, web based service that generates audio files from written material. After setting up an account, you can upload written material in any one of a variety of formats, i.e., MS Word, PDF, HTML, Website Address, RSS Feed, etc. Then you choose an English, Spanish or French male or female reader. ReadTheWords converts the text to speech and you can listen to the audio file online, download as an mp3 or embed on a website or blog.

Last week, I had a conversation about the high cost of gasoline with an IT administrator who takes the bus to work. He mentioned that he has two hours everyday sitting with 50 of his closest friends to listen to his iPod. Although, we discussed several items during our meeting, he really got excited when I told him about ReadTheWords.

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