Friday, July 11, 2008

So Many Apps, So Little Time

Last night, I decided to get ahead of the curve and install the 2.0 software to my iPhone ahead of the official launch. I used the information and instuctions from All it took was a little time and patience. I sync my iPhone to two computers - contacts and calendar with my work computer and photos, videos and music with my home computer. I installed iTunes 7.7 on both computers and then followed the directions in the TechCrunch article. I had to restore from both computers, but it worked like a charm. One basic change, "Contacts" now has its own icon, making it easier to access.

The new App Store is a great distractor. I was thrilled to see an "Education" category in the new App Store. It currently has 48 free and for fee apps.
I was up way too late installing free and for fee web apps to my iPhone. I added Jott for iPhone, a PhoneSaber - a little "light saber," swing the iPhone around and it makes a sound a Jedi would be proud of, Facebook for iPhone, Molecules and Twitterific for free. I paid $.99 for VoiceRecorder and $2.99 for Mobile Flickr.
Light Saber Voice Recorder Mobile Flickr

Mobile Flickr will allow me to upload without sending photos as an e-mail attachment. So far, I'm thrilled with the new software, but the 3G and GPS is still nagging at me and I haven't ruled out a new iPhone, yet.

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