Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Latest Favorite Apps for iPhone – Part 2

Seven Enemy Polar Bears, originally uploaded by klmontgomery.

As I continue to explore new apps on my iPhone, I am striving to post about two types of apps each time: a game or fun app and one that is educational or increases productivity in some fashion. Also, I plan to highlight one free and one purchased app each time. We’ll see how it goes.

In Part 1 of My Latest Favorite Apps for iPhone, TapDefenese was in the game/fun category and i-Clickr for PowerPoint Remote was my educational/productivity app.

In Part 2, I am focusing on the Crazy Penguin Catapult game and Yummy. Crazy Penguin Catapult is one of the games offered by Digital Chocolate, Inc. There is a lite version of the game which allows you to get a taste of the first 6 levels of launching penguins in the air and knocking out polar bears to capture territories. The premium version of the game is $4.99 and gives you an additional 24 levels (30 in all) as well as second strategy game where you can command armies of penguins and capture polar bear territories. Most of the levels start with catapulting your penguins and getting them into position to take out the enemy polar bears. If you can catapult your penguins through the burning ring, they will be on fire and this helps burn through the ice when attacking the polar bears. In some levels, you catapult your penguins to collect items like candy, bananas and squid. At each level there is a minimum number of collected items or dead polar bears you must reach for a successful mission. If you don’t get 100%, you can keep replaying the mission for a better score. As you successfully master levels, you get to choose from upgrades or “power-ups” such as increasing the number of penguins from 6 to 8 to 11, more bounces to kill enemy polar bears, dynamite to help break the ice or the Ninja power-up which allows your penguin to direct a Ninja-like kick. The only criticism is that there are not enough levels for the $4.99. Maybe the will be more levels in a future update? I also found the game here.

Yummy is a free bookmark manager app for the iPhone that allows you to search you delicious bookmarks by date, tag(s) title or notes. Yummy also lets you add bookmarks to delicious and edit bookmarks right on your iPhone. There are some other interesting things you can do such as open a link in Safari, send a link by mail or by Twitterific (another awesome iPhone app). Download the Yummy from iTunes App Store and check out the great Yummy blog to get you started! By the way, I tweeted “Does anyone use yummy, delicious and safari to successfully add bookmarks to delicious from their iPhone. Looking for guidance.” so that I could start bookmarking from my iPhone and @sdarlington replied,

Yummy Twitter

Now how cool is that?

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