Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pizza Pi

Okay, so my second Film On The Fly idea isn't quite so creative as my first and deviates from the prompt - a little. The Pi Day prompt was:
"Show how Pi determines the circumference or diameter of a pizza, carousel, Ferris Wheel or any circle near you."

On Thursday, I received the hint that circles would be requested for inclusion in the Film On The Fly Pi Day cell phone movies. I thought about all manner of circle by my house and decided that since the Pi Day challenge was on Saturday, I'd us the circles associated with my daughter's basketball game. Circles on the court, the ball, the lights, etc. But when I received the prompt we had already left the game - I did take some cell phone video - and were trying to decide where to have lunch.

The idea of pizza was in the story prompt and the diameter or circumference were to be shown, but I decided that during a recession it's a good idea to know which size pizza is the best value. I decided to show how pi can be used to calculate area and thus get the price per square inch for a 3-topping small, medium and large pizza.

You can view all the FOTF Pi Day videos on YouTube (search for "FOTFPI") or by joining the Film On The Fly Ning. If you join the the FOTF Ning you will also be able to rate the videos created for the Pi Day Challenge.

I want to thank the owners of Racanelli's in St. Peters, Missouri for letting me take cell phone video of the different sizes of pizza pans.

Now it's time to have cold pizza for breakfast!

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Wesley Fryer said...

I think you did a great job on this video, Karen! It definitely made me hungry for pizza this afternoon!

I linked to your video over on ISTEconnects.

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