Monday, May 19, 2008

Weblin Meet Up, May 21, 2008

Do you have a weblin? It’s like Second Life meets any website. From the weblin website: “Weblin makes you and others on the Web visible as small avatars. There are others on the same page you are on right now. Weblin opens a new and exciting world on every website.”

I just signed up for one 4 days ago. To sign up, I downloaded the software and confirmed my registration. I was then able to choose an avatar from a large gallery of avatars. Now no matter what website I’m on, my little weblin avatar is at the bottom of the page. I can walk along the bottom and communicate with other weblins on that page. If I right click my weblin I can change my profile, access my applications which includes an inventory, add friends, see edit and ignore other weblins, open a chat window or speech bubble to communicate with others, choose from pre-selected text that I have created and set my status.

I have seen lots of other weblins on Yahoo! Mail and a few on Flickr. If I go to the weblins website, I see loads of others. They may be here right now, but if you don’t have a weblin, you can’t see them. It adds yet another dimension to social networking and surfing the web. As I am writing this I have about three private chats with other weblins that keep popping up on my screen. The weblin site is German and there is an international flair. I have had most of my short interaction with avatars outside the United States.

Go get a weblin and let’s meet. I plan to be on this website, Gomeric Hill, on Wednesday, May 21, 2007 from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. CST. It would be fun to see how many people show up. We can spend some time experimenting with our weblins together.


vicki allen said...

Hi, Karen! I think this weblin thing might be a fun new idea. I like being "live" on a website with some other folks who are investigating it as well. I'd like to see if we can limit our conversations to folks who are on our "buddy list" - similar to buddy lists on AOL, MSN, etc. Will keep playing to see what else we can do with this!

UltimateTeacher said...

Hey Karen, I also downloaded the weblin and I think it's kinda cool. How have your experiences been? I'm just wondering about how safe it is. This does change the way you would chat, or visit webpages.

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